College Readiness Program

At Gateway, we believe a College education should not be a maybe but definitely for every child. Our College Readiness Program is one-step in the process of making College a reality. From test prep to finishing college applications. This program started in 2015 and has successfully sent over 50 students to top colleges and universities. We have a 100% acceptance rate to college and a 100% graduation rate from college.

Our approach and method:

  • Conquer test anxiety with timed drills and exercises to improve confidence.
  • We limit this program to 6-8 students to provide personal attention and support.
  • Teach students to work effectively with the reading comprehension sections of the ACT/SAT.
  • Review key vocabulary and grammar used on the ACT/SAT.
  • Strengthen essential math skills in the areas of Algebra 1, Geometry and basic operations and probability.
  • 1:1 tutoring sessions during the week in addition to the weekend class time. 
  • Guest speakers to empower and inform students, research colleges, college planning

Dates: January 25, February 8, 22, March 7,14 and April 4, 18, 25