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Getting into College the Right Way

Every year over 3 million students graduate high school, and about 66% of them enroll in college immediately in the fall. This equates to approximately 2 million "traditional first-time freshmen," according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Getting into the college of a student’s choice takes a tremendous amount of time, work, and sometimes lots of money as test prep is a $24 billion industry.


Evaluating Student Progress

It’s been four years since we’ve switched from Content Standards to the “new” math and English Language Arts (ELA) Common Core. Many parents of school-aged students who have made this transition to the Common Core thought that this curriculum would be easier to learn and understand while gaining critical thinking skills. However, a simple two-step subtraction calculation that use to take less than a minute now takes twice as long depending on the grade level.


A Parent's Resolve for the New Year

Happy New Year

On January 1st, it is customary for people to start the new year off with resolutions. According to a recent CompRes poll, two of the top ten resolutions are losing weight and exercise more. These are good to initiate but try something a little different this year.

This year resolve to help your children make specific academic gains through setting goals, not just resolutions. We believe you should begin with the end in mind if you want your child to attend college someday – what should you do now to make that possible?


My Best College Advice

Alec Taylor

University of San Francisco

Hello to everyone that is applying to one of the most life-changing experience yet! As a third-year Entrepreneurship and Innovation major at the University of San Francisco, Esther Madriz Diversity Scholar, Multi-Club President, African-American, and Gateway Educational Services College Readiness Survivor, I have a few pieces of advice that I’ve picked up over the years.


Gearing up for 9th Grade

Gearing up for 9th Grade by Brooke Grupe

Starting high school can seem intimidating for both freshman and their parents, but it doesn’t have to be. High school provides many new opportunities and allows students to further develop their self-identity and individuality. Here are some ideas to help your students get the most out of their freshman year and the rest of their high school career.


7 Essentials for Successful College Applications

7 Essentials for Successful College Applications

by Connie Alexander Gateway Educational Services

1. Start early – finish early. The best time to start is late August. The portals for applying to the UC System, CSU system, and The Common Application are all available.

2. Create a balanced list of schools to apply to Public Colleges (2 schools) 8,000-10,000 10,000 + Private Colleges (2 schools) Liberal Arts focus on regional Public/Reach Private (2 Schools) Outside your region (1 reach school)

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