How do you figure out the best way to help students?

Our assessment tools allow us to figure out what your child does and does not understand in the areas of reading, math, and writing. We then develop a program of action to assist them. And we listen to you the parents.

If our child is behind how long will it take them to catch up?

Most students in our learning intensive program are enrolled 14-18 months with assessments for progress and meetings with parents along the way. This would be the average for a student one grade level behind.

How often will they need to attend?

Our program allows students to experience 3-6 hours of dedicated tutoring time at the Center. Many of our students are involved in sports and afterschool programs so we can be flexible with scheduling.

What are your rates for services?

We are a non-profit learning center - our rates are calculated on a sliding scale. Our mission is to be affordable for all families. Give us a call and we can help you.

Who will be teaching or working with my child?

We have reading specialists for students working on reading comprehension and math students from UCSB helping and assisting with math.

Are there former clients we can talk to about your program?

Our parents love talking about GES – just ask and we would be happy to provide you a reference.

So what’s the first step?

Give us a call to schedule an assessment! We're looking forward to helping your child succeed. 805- 895-1153