7 Essentials for Successful College Applications

7 Essentials for Successful College Applications

by Connie Alexander Gateway Educational Services

1. Start early – finish early. The best time to start is late August. The portals for applying to the UC System, CSU system, and The Common Application are all available.

2. Create a balanced list of schools to apply to Public Colleges (2 schools) 8,000-10,000 10,000 + Private Colleges (2 schools) Liberal Arts focus on regional Public/Reach Private (2 Schools) Outside your region (1 reach school)

3. Finding the right campus means researching who has been admitted and consider why? SAT/ACT score range, gender balance, GPA and leadership profiles.

4. If possible visit the campus – some campuses have special programs and weekends for visits. Out of your region campuses even help fly students in for visits. Call the admissions office of the campus and ask about fly-in programs.

5. Write a genuine personal statement. The most important focus of your personal statement is giving the reader an opportunity to get to know you – there is no one way to write your statements. Ask your English teacher to read your statement and give you feedback.

6. Ask for application waivers to cut back on the expense of applying. Talk to your school counselor or contact the campus directly and ask about fee waivers.

7. Create a high school resume with a list of your community service volunteer work, leadership participation, sports, and clubs. Give this resume to anyone writing a recommendation letter for you.

Bonus Tips: Never upload your application the last two days before the due date – web sites crash and many times students are not able to finish the application. And always make certain you have a confirmation email that your application has been received.

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