Getting into College the Right Way

Every year over 3 million students graduate high school, and about 66% of them enroll in college immediately in the fall. This equates to approximately 2 million "traditional first-time freshmen," according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Getting into the college of a student’s choice takes a tremendous amount of time, work, and sometimes lots of money as test prep is a $24 billion industry. Amid the recent SAT/ACT scandal those with seemingly unlimited resources found it necessary to cheat the system, paying for entrance to prestigious colleges/universities through the use a “side door”!

Many students were willing participants in this scandal. However, other students were unaware of the bribes and illegal contributions made on their behalf. What does that say about the morals, values, and most importantly the aptitude and confidence parents have in their kids? We have experienced great successes with our College Readiness Program. It is assessment based so we can identify where each student needs the most help on the SAT/ACT.

There are no tricks, gimmicks, or cheating. Some students come to us in need of remediation, but they put in the necessary work to improve their test scores. They are held accountable on all fronts meaning that Gateway regularly communicates with teachers and counselors to confirm progress in the classroom. We are also a firm believer in parent engagement, especially with first-generation students. As students make this remarkable journey, parents travel this road too. Their role is to provide financial documentation for the FASFA and other grants/scholarships and to help determine which school is the best fit. We offer informational workshops and seminars to parents because we know that their support is crucial to the success of their students getting into college through the front door.

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